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  • Anna Tepedino

Four Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk therapy is a holistic approach that combines physical activity with the emotional and cognitive aspects of therapy.


Amidst the challenges of 2020's isolation, I found solace in nature. Exploring group and solo hikes, I noticed a positive shift in my mood, body, and spirit. As a therapist, my goal is to share these transformative benefits with my clients. Here 4 reasons why I absolutely recommend it!

Walking helps us process our feelings

Walking activates both our bodies and our minds, creating an ideal setting for open and meaningful discussions about our emotions. When we engage in walk and talk therapy, new neural connections can be activated facilitating insights and strengthening interpersonal connections.

Nature can be a wise teacher

When you take a walk outdoors, you'll notice nature all around you. Watching nature can be eye-opening, showing us that life has its ups and downs and that it's okay to go through different experiences. For example, seeing how trees weather storms and still stand tall can remind us of our own resilience in tough times. The changing seasons can reflect the natural cycles of growth and change that we all go through.

Being in nature calms our nervous system

Whether it's the calming greenery of trees or the reassuring sounds of birds chirping, exposure to nature profoundly affects our nervous system, promoting feelings of calmness and safety. Nature's allure invites mindfulness, engaging our senses and grounding us in the present moment, fostering a deeper connection with our surroundings.

Walking offers a health boost

Of course, let's not forget the obvious, walking is a fantastic, low impact exercise that benefits your physical health!


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